Bagua Deer Horn Knives

Ba Gua Zhang, Pa Kua Chang, Baguazhang, Mandarin Duck Axes, Deer Antler Knives, Bagua Deer Hook Swords 八卦鹿鉤劍, Zi Wu Yuan Yang Yue

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Grandfather $220

 24cm mouth, .68kg/pair
 hand blued 11gauge steel
 wooden handles & pins

Mountain Gao

Mountain Gao $220

 24cm mouth, .68kg/pair
 hand blued 11gauge steel
 wooden handles & pins

Fire Wind

Fire Wind $220

 23cm mouth, .68kg/pair
 hand blued 11gauge steel
 wooden handles & pins

Kunlun Fighter

Kunlun Fighter $244

 30cm mouth, 1.3kg/pair
 hand blued 11gauge steel
 wooden handles & pins

Beyond Handcrafted

Each set is unique as they are shaped and finished by the human hand. "Wabi-sabi"... look it up! Beyond handcrafted, each set is constantly exposed to the elements of nature during production.

Care and Maintenance

Keep a thin film of oil on the steel and touch up as needed. Use very fine steel wool to remove blemish or oxidation. Store the knives with a thin layer of oil on the steel and keep the metal free of fingerprints.

Shipping and Delivery

The knife sets are handcrafted one set at a time. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail, $16 U.S. Domestic / $77 International. Delivery, 8-16 weeks +/-, signature required.

Important Information

DHK products are intended for use by highly experienced martial artists and are not to be used in a harmful manner. Order appropriately, all sales are final. It is the purchaser's responsibility to check local laws.


The Deer Horn Knives are a unique weapon originating from the Chinese Internal Martial Art of Bagua Zhang.

The multi-bladed Deer Horn Knives are also known as: Mandarin Duck Blades, Deer Antler Knives, Bagua Deer Hook Swords 八卦鹿鉤劍, Mandarin-Duck Sun & Moon Axes and Yuan Yang Yue or Zi Wu Yuan Yang Yue.

Deer Horn Knives are designed for use against multiple attackers and are most greatly utilized for countering and disarming traditional weapons of varying lengths too fierce to combat or control with bare hands: the spear, staff, saber, sword...


All traditional weapons are an extension of the body... the Deer Horn Knives accentuate the empty hand Baguazhang palms and applications with minimum accommodation.

The implementation of the Deer Horn Knives is remembered by the following terms:

八卦鹿鉤劍 勾掛擒拿 拉割挑扎 削攢劈剁 抹撩帶化.

Translated as; Bagua Deer Hook Swords, Hooking, Sliding, Seizing, Controlling, Pulling, Cutting, Picking, Smashing, Paring, Drilling, Chopping, Mincing, Brushing, Smearing, Leading, Carrying, Neutralizing.


*brief promotional video includes movement demonstrations along with beautiful photos of Deer Horn Knives