Wooden Practice Deer Horn Knives

Hear less "cries of mercy" from your training partner with these less lethal training options.

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Grandfather, Wooden

Grandfather $88

 24cm mouth, .40kg
 hand crafted, stain/poly
 custom layered plywood

Mountain Gao, Wooden

Mountain Gao $88

 24cm mouth, .40kg
 hand crafted, stain/poly
 custom layered plywood

Fire Wind, Wooden

Fire Wind $88

 23cm mouth, .44kg
 hand crafted, stain/poly
 custom layered plywood

Kunlun Fighter, Wooden

Kunlun Fighter $88

 30cm mouth, .52kg
 hand crafted, stain/poly
 custom layered plywood

Beyond Handcrafted

Each set is unique as they are shaped and finished by the human hand. "Wabi-sabi"... look it up! Beyond handcrafted, each set is constantly exposed to the elements of nature during production.

Care and Maintenance

As the training set gets beat up from use they can easily be restored with a light sanding and polyurethane finish. The weapons are strong, built with several layers of custom cross-grain plywood. The knives should be refurbished or discarded if serious damage occurs. (e.g. broken tips)

Shipping and Delivery

The knife sets are handcrafted one set at a time. Shipped via USPS Priority Mail, $6 U.S. Domestic / $43 International. Delivery, 8-16 weeks +/-, signature required.

Important Information

DHK products are intended for use by highly experienced martial artists and are not to be used in a harmful manner. Order appropriately, all sales are final. It is the purchaser's responsibility to check local laws.

Not Safe... less Lethal

These wooden practice deer hook knives are smooth to the touch with wide rounded edges to displace pressure and feel comfortable against the skin. With great care for your training partner, you can now execute techniques that would be prohibitively dangerous to practice with live weapons.

Technique Refining

These wooden "blades" are not intended to be a stepping stone to a live set of deer horn knives. In fact, the opposite is true. A live set will teach the new practitioner respect, caution, mindfulness and confidence. A wooden set allows the experienced player to expand partner training options along with refining technique and understanding.

Friendly Vibes

 Friendly to travel with.
 Disarming for passers-by in public training areas.
 Safer during open practice in the studio around other people.
 More pleasant for the "mock dispatching" of your friends and family.